Adoption Application Form

Please have the following information on hand before you begin to fill out this application:

  • The name, address & phone number of your current vet (if you have one) and/or any previous vets.
  • The name & phone number of two personal references (people not living in your home and not related to each other).
Does everyone in the household approve of the adoption?
Do you own or rent your home?
If you rent your home, you will need to provide a copy of your rental or lease agreement with landlord name and telephone number with the application. Journey Home GSD Rescue contacts all landlords to verify pet policies.
Do you have a fenced yard?
Frequent visitors are people who visit your home 1 or more times a week.
This includes both children that live with you or are visiting your home.
Does anyone in the household have asthma or allergies to animals?
Examples: health, family, professional, financial, or planned circumstances, such as a new baby, plans to move, etc.
Do you have a formal provision for the dog in the event you are no longer able to care for him/her?
Do you agree to make such provision immediately after adoption (if not made already)?
Have you ever sold, surrendered, or given away a pet?
Are you aware that GSDs are very active and that they shed year-round?
Will you groom the dog yourself?
Are you familiar with animal control regulations in your area?
Do you agree to abide by the animal control regulations in your area?
Have you owned any other pets in the last 10 years?
Include the following: Name, breed, gender, age, altered, how long did you own the pet, and if the pet is not living please explain their cause of death.
Include the following: 1) Name, 2) breed, 3) gender, 4) age, 5) neutered/spayed If no pets live with you, type "none".
Have you ever lost a pet, had one disappear, or die at an early age, such as dogs dying before age 10?
Why are you adopting a pet?
(Choose up to two choices.)
Are you aware that GSDs can have sensitivities/allergies to food and may require grain-free food?
Are your dogs on heartworm preventative monthly?
Have you ever had a dog diagnosed with heartworm?
Have you ever trained a dog?
(Please notify your vet that we will be contacting them and give the office permission to release your records to us.)
Have you applied with other rescue groups?
Would you consider a special needs dog?
A special needs dog may requires medication for a permanent but controlled condition, such as allergies.
Do you have a gender preference?
Do you have a color preference?
(select all that apply)
Do you have an age preference?
(select all that apply)
Are you willing to work with a dog that is not housetrained?
Are you willing to enroll in an obedience class?
(i.e. protective, active, playful, friendly, good with kids, calm)
Do you understand that you will be sharing your life with a dog for approximately 10 years or more?
Remember that your dog is totally dependent on you for food, shelter, health, and veterinary care, including heartworm preventative, indoor housing, etc.
Are you willing to make a long term commitment to a dog as a family member?
Please provide the name, phone number, and your connection to each reference. Personal references cannot be people living in your home and cannot be related to each other.